About Us

Bumbosoft is a Canadian software development and consultancy company specialized in web and mobile application development. Working with clients throughout Canada and the US, our own in-house team of talented software developers work hard to bring your web and mobile strategy to life, increase customer satisfaction and maximize your investment. Whether it’s transitioning legacy code to React, or helping a startup build and scale an MVP, we’re ready to help teams of any size.

Bring us an idea, and we’ll co-create a beautiful, thoughtful, and user-friendly web, mobile app or data visualization dashboard that’ll knock your socks off.


Web App Development

Web App Development

We live and breathe JavaScript with an emphasis on Angular.js and React.js. Our agile development enables us to iteratively deliver the right application for your users while giving you full visibility and control over the project.

Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

We are a mobile-first company. Whether you need native (Android/iOS), hybrid (Cordova/Ionic) or JavaScript runtime (React Native/NativeScript), we got you covered. We work with you to build innovative mobile apps that engage, inspire and attract users.

Rapid Software Prototyping

Rapid Software Prototyping

Have a new venture idea and want to take it to market quickly? We can help – we provide affordable, innovative, and insanely great user experience software prototyping services.

Next-Gen Apps

Next-Gen Apps

IoT, Beacons, AR, VR, AI, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, whatever’s next, our passionate technologists got you covered.

App Integration

App Integration

As your business grows, so does your business software applications. A frequent request from clients is to connect legacy applications to new on-premises or cloud applications so that they can share information without someone having to re-enter the same data in multiple systems.



We join hands with you to develop and market software solutions that answer your needs. As a technical and business partner, we care about the same things you do: your growth, returns and revenue.

Our Process.

1. Discovery

Define the Problem/Goal
Define the User
Begin Release Planning

2. Design

Design style guide
Create wireframe
Create a successful UX so people move through your application with ease.

3. Development

Agile Iterative Development
Gather Feedback and Refine
Ship Early, Ship Often

4. Project Launch

Push Application Live
Hand-off & Training
Plan for Future Upgrades and Maintenance Plan


Marc Andreessen

Software is no longer in the background, it increasingly define the brand and competitive advantage of today’s most transformative startups and enterprises. It is one of the key factors today’s winning companies rise to the top and their competitors fade away.
At Bumbosoft, we share Andreessen’s view that software is eating the world, and we are here to help you take your share.
Some of the clients we have helped:

How We’re Different

Speed + Agility

Move fast and adopt new direction quickly with our lean and agile approach.

Less Is More

When it comes to creating an incredible user experiences, we believe less is more. The biggest mistake people make is trying to be everything to everyone.


Dedicated small team per client. Enjoy deep focus and productive relationships.

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Headquarters: 80 Aberdeen St, Ottawa, ON K1S 3J5
Email: info@bumbosoft.com